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Welcome to the Nova Equine Wellness Center

Located in the beautiful Hill Country in central Texas, Nova is a conditioning, rehabilitation and spa center for all classes of equines. We feature top-of-the-line services and provide quality care in a clean, safe and peaceful environment. Our primary focus is working toward whole wellness in your horse through use of our integrative therapies plus our dedication to your equine partner results in successful rehabilitation and conditioning.  Happy horse = happy owner!


Our hands-on staff and trained technicians are available to address all of the needs your horse might have. Our rehabilitation and conditioning services vary in scope and sophistication and are focused on providing your animal with the best direction toward wellness. Visit the Equine Therapy pages for information on the treatment therapies we use, including the Bemer, Chiropratic/Osteopathic. cold laser a holistic view on nutritional and whole food benefits.


The health and happiness of your equine partner are our number one priority. In conjunction with our extensive on-site services, we also provide mobile services for Bemer, cold Laser ______________ therapies which can be transported to your home or boarding facility where your horse in a familiar environment. Also at our facility, we provide daily grooming services, hand walking and one-on-one attention as well as needed check-up exams to monitor your animal's progress.

Whether we are on-site or on the road, our goal is to bring your partner to its healthiest and happiest mental and physical state in a stress-free way.

Nova Equine Wellness

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